Evenement: Artist talks by Nathalie Mannaerts and Jean-Philippe Paumier

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Artist talks by Nathalie Mannaerts & Jean-Philippe Paumier (March 15th, 2018)

Nathalie Mannaerts
Creates landscape paintings, drawings and linoleum prints, inspired by the painters of the far north who bring in the overwhelming nature. Nathalie works mostly on raw linen with acrylic, oil paint, crayon, coloured pencil and aerosols, and with brushes, hands, knives, sandpaper and sanders.

Jean-Philippe Paumier
He has been working for some time on his installations and objects under the title “Les Strat√©gies De l’Objet”. By considering the object separately from its function, a focus can be placed on its primary properties (shape, mass, texture, colour, material). This allows a pure connection with the object on the basis of its aesthetic and poetic qualities, or its eloquence.

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