Airco Caravan

Caravan’s move from Amsterdam to New York wasn’t just fun. One of the first things that had to be bought was a spray can of RAID, to get rid of the roaches that were all over the place. PSHHHH: kill. Unpleasant, but necessary.

Then this idea popped up: Wouldn’t it be convenient if we could spray away áll nasty things in our society? Just like killing bugs? It would end racism, misogyny, LGBTQIA+ hate, gun violence, patriarchy, inequality, all phobias and global warming instantly. Airco Caravan’s Pest Control was born.

It’s a collection of more than 100 spray cans and bottles with its own design, killing or protecting its own cause. They’ve been pasted in the boroughs of NYC and exhibited in Amsterdam. Pest AC. For a better world.

Caravan is a conceptual visual artist, curator and feminist. Known for the project Monument for Martin Luther King (, founder of Nasty Women Amsterdam fundraiser exhibitions. Solo shows in New York, London, Amsterdam and The Hague; group shows, art fairs and NFT’s all over the world.

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Resultaat 1–12 van de 34 resultaten wordt getoond