Malou Cohen

Malou Cohen works as an artist in Den Haag, Netherlands, graduated from HKU Fine arts in 2010.

‘Most of the beauty can be found in a dirty little corner’

One peculiar sentence from a random conversation, a piece of trash in the shape of an iceberg, a windowsill full of adventures,
a dirty window whitch is extending the view by troubeling it, polyurethane foam like an island in sea, a piece of tile that looks like a tiny piece of universe

A an artist I am collecting potential materials, scenes and conversations from my direct environment. By asking myself ‘what could this be’ I will try to discover the sides we did not noticed yet.

My work ranges from very unique works to unlimited editions of multiples whitch I produce on a larger scale available for a bigger audience.


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Resultaat 1–12 van de 20 resultaten wordt getoond